“A man becomes rich when he finds peace, freedom and his own path on which he realizes his visions and lives his gifts.”

Tina Pustovrh Puc

(author of books 22 & 11)

"Tina, thank you so much for the book 22. I found its content so familiar, all the topics that were covered in the book helped me to come even closer to my true self.”

Tanja Pavic

“This book was my journey. Tina, thank you for the opportunity, thank you for this journey, thank you for all those questions that required sincere answers. The book showed me that the end is a new beginning(or postponed continuation of the journey).”

Lejla Helbl


This book can be life changing. It can help you solve your daily life challenges and help you find the answers to what you are seeking. It shows you how to …

  • love yourself.
  • start living your life to the fullest.
  • transform your life and your body.
  • start living your life/soul purpose.
  • find answers about your personal and business life.
  • discover all your potentials.
  • stop struggling with your relationships.
  • deal with loss.
  • listen to your body.
  • connect body, mind and soul.
  • discover the key to real success and wealth.
  • heal your life.
  • recognize your own path to happiness and health.
  • understand (in a gentle way) about the importance of conscious/spiritual/mindful life while living
    on Earth.