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22nd  November, 2019

The book 22 (Twenty-two) tells a story about a heroine Ana who, for a long time, blindly believed that she had everything necessary for her happiness. The only thing missing from her perfect life was that final touch that was constantly slipping through her fingers. One night she dreamt about her past, one missed opportunity and the pain which had been hidden inside her for a long time. It found its way out again. Her entire world collapsed. Will she be able to pull herself together? Will she admit to herself that
everything she believed in was a big lie? Will she allow herself “to die” and be “reborn” again? Will she admit to herself that there is something more out there, hidden from our sight?

The book 22 (Twenty-two) is written in a special way. All kinds of answers sought by contemporary people are hidden in the breakdown and rebirth of the heroine. The book is a hidden manual inside a mystic story. The philosophy of life, holiness and unity is, to a great extent, revealed inside the book. There are a lot of answers about the body, movement, soul, repressed pain, the importance of intuition and love. Most of all, it is about love towards oneself. About the acceptance of oneself. About the flaws one thinks they have and about the book which tells you that those flaws actually don’t exist, because everything is as it is supposed to be.”